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Dear readers,here's my personal Letter to Mozart,  ;-) - JA
Dear readers, here's a wonderful quote from a review of the concert series, "Letters to Mozart" by Singaporean music critic, Chang Tou Liang, and he even wrote a personal letter-poem to Mozart!  "Interspersed between movements and works were excerpts from letters by Mozart, read by SSO French hornist Jamie Hersch, music critic/lecturer Marc Rochester, arts impresario Lionel Choi, and Singapore’s grammy-nominated conductor Darrell Ang. All in all, this was an enjoyable and light-hearted way to ap...
Letters to Mozart - unravelling the riddle of Mozart “The riddle of Mozart is precisely that "the man" refuses to be a key for solving it. In death, as in life, he conceals himself behind his work.” - (Wolfgang Hildesheimer) As a kid, I loved to read murder mysteries and play games like Cluedo to solve riddles and mysteries. It eventually led to me devouring the Hercules Poirot detective series by Agatha Christie. As a classically trained musician, I have a love-hate relationship with Mozart. I ...

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